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A. in these cases is a gallicism which should be avoided (although widespread, at least in Spain, in the case of pressure cooker or jet aircraft). Keeping the traditional use is recommended with of, existing also in the majority of countries Americans if is normal for the use of the preposition a to introduce verbal complements that tell how to execute the action or the means to do so: call screaming, grind sticks, embroidered by hand, as well as to introduce the complement of nouns derived from verbs of action: painting, engraving strong water, embroidery to canutillo. (Dictionary Panhispanico doubt) 6. Incorrect expressions: correct expressions: twenty-one women twenty-one women 21 This numeral magazines twenty-one magazines has a form for masculine: twenty-one men, and one for feminine: twenty-one women (except when the noun that follows begins with a tonic: twenty-one guns).

7. Incorrect expressions: correct expressions: whoever that may be, must comply. Whoever that may be, must comply. Anyone who were, were not easy to whoever that were, were not easy of defeat. defeat.

The pronoun Whoever forms indeterminate quienquieraexige for plural. Used placed or postponed to the verb, and it cannot be built with the name. 8. Incorrect expressions: correct expressions: received two gifts. He received great gifts. He received several gifts. Cute gifts he received. They beat him two strokes.They beat him tremendous blows. They beat him severe blows. They beat him forceful blows. Two separate adjective (ACE) means one or a for each of two or more persons or things. Therefore it only exists in the plural. It turns out to be the sole distributive adjective of the Spanish. Example: Two separate prizes given to the winners. 9 Expressions incorrect: correct expressions: we were stiff from cold. We were stiff. The verb aterir has by definition Boggle cold, allowing us to infer that there is redundancy in the quoted expression.

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