Regional Direction

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The Beautiful Brown Square is a space clipping of one all (city of Serrinha), whose searched subject involves all the society. For if dealing with one of the main squares of the city of Serrinha, it shelters in its entorno some segments as: schools, company of the Military Policy, Regional Direction of the Health of the State, points of feeding and I deal in general. In the September month, in virtue of the festejos of the carried through vaquejada one in a next quarter, it attracts many tourists who tend if to concentrate in this locality due the presence of bars and restaurants. Ahead of the research, it is perceived in the case of Brown Square Beautiful of the quarter where it is located, one becomes difficult to understand the phenomenon of the next violence to one Company of the military policy. Exactly when the State is the responsible one in promoting the security and the welfare state; as it affirms (Saints, 2002, P. 5) ‘ ‘ the violence is a complex social phenomenon and that it cannot be understood or be explained from only causa’ ‘. For Viana (2002, P.

29) ‘ ‘ an urban violence is not the violence that occurs in the urban space and yes the violence derived from the organization of the urban space, therefore in the cities occurs some types of considered situations violent, that they could happen in any another way, the agricultural one, for example, and nor therefore would be characteristic as violence rural’ ‘. This exactly urban space is organized of perverse form, therefore, it privileges the economic and particular interest of the one strong elite and denies the citizenship and the value of the human being of the great majority. Therefore, the violence cannot be understood of unilateral form as a problem of the responsible institutions for the public security or of the State and yes, one joint action of the diverse sectors of the society that also it needs to act in order to fight the causes of the violence and not them consequncias.

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