Regional Tensions

Posted May 4th, 2017 by Tony. Comments Off on Regional Tensions.

Apparently tension between Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela are dissipating. I say, seems to be because when Chvez is implied in some subject, any thing is possible and but how the fact is explained to want to head a war without a valid reason for Venezuela Is truth that the carried out actions by the government of Uribe were serious violations for the Ecuadorian sovereignty. Perhaps its military action thought just Uribe about the suspicions that Strap had on the support of Ecuadorian president Rafael, to the CRAF. It will also have imagined that this way it could give a blow of effect to the public opinion in Colombia that it was observing how Chvez assumed a protagnico roll in the negotiations with the CRAF. The certain thing is that the summit of Santo Domingo served to calm the tensions. It brought tranquillity for the Colombian town, but very especially for the business that surely thought that it was not the best moment to enter conflict with the neighboring countries.

It is that the economic context present it is not most propitious Colombia like putting in risk an important portion of its income by exports. The Colombian exports represent around the 18% of their GIP and more of 60% of the same they are destined to the EE. UU. and to its neighbors of the region. The crisis in the EE. UU.

it comes affecting to the Colombian exporting sector through the American economic deceleration and of the weakness of the dollar that brought about a strong appreciation of the Colombian currency. Also it is truth that the Colombian currency comes appreciating in addition as a result of a restrictive monetary policy that it looks for to contain the inflation, for which must maintain its interest rates high. He is for that reason that, before the problems that the main commercial partner of Colombia faces, a little while did not seem to be appropriate to enter conflict with Venezuela and Ecuador, countries with which Colombia has commercial flows that surpassed the US$ 8.

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