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Tulle outfit, stripes outfit, monofilament or lace approaches? Lay people to assess the quality of a wig only according to their hair and cut, but the skilled person turns around first the wig and examined the outfit (which is the hood, where the hair is attached), because that determines, how well a wig is sitting and acts as is of course the case of hair. The outfit is now not just in case which is responsible for hair, but it also determines how a wig is secure. This is enormously important, because only the wearer feels safe and does not feel that falls at the first gust the wig down or slip out of place. Types of tulle outfit outfit, this builds the hair on a thin as possible, corresponding to the hair color tulle. Hairs for hairs, that is of course a very tedious work and therefore more expensive than other wigs. Advantage: the outfit is very elastic and comfortable to wear, even if times runs the wind in your hair, it’s hardly noticeable. that it is a wig.

Lace outfit this type of outfit is the most commonly used, because it is very quickly (mechanically) to produce and is therefore also the most affordable. This can be on some threads that the hair finally on a band braided, hair so and thus very easily and quickly processed into a wig. Disadvantage: on the approach you see the hair tracks very easily especially in short hair -. Monofilament monofilament is the best way of an outfit, this hair be made conditional on a nearly invisible, transparent fabric. This is basically the same as with the tulle outfit, only the material here is still much thinner, but not very elastic and is used only on the vertebrae and at the top of the head. (see also hair approaches”) Types of hair approaches (forehead) mono-filament as the outfit, here on a thin, almost invisible fabric, the hair knotted up.

By this method you get the feeling as if the hairs directly from the skin”. The fine material in the To prevent neck area, tearing, it is mostly protected transparent plastic strip at the edge with a. Years ago still a technical novelty, but already standard on almost all wigs. Braids with edge of establishing this kind of hairline is hardly used except when Carnival wigs and very inexpensive models. Especially for high-quality wigs, this method as well as no longer used, as the approach to beaded and unnatural acts. Lace approaches (film approach) this is the latest and by far the best type of hairline for wigs. The term film approach, comes also from the film, because often the actors (Sean Connery for example) must sometimes tightly wear the hair from the forehead and may not recognize of course it as a wig or toupee. Here the hair on a special, super thin is knotted tulle at longer intervals than the rest of the wig, thus a natural transition is made from the forehead to the hair of the head. Other than with monofilament approaches, there is at front edge no reinforcing strips, thus the hair even in the face can be doctored. If you want, can you have make-up the fine tulle even with makeup in addition, for everyday use, this is not necessary, however. Hairdressing champion Gotschim

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