Surely Yes

Posted February 3rd, 2016 by Tony. Comments Off on Surely Yes.

But the word of mouth marketing is something new, rather, very old and present at all times. Word of mouth is a mechanism with high levels of effectiveness. Do know you what percentage of attention pays to his friends or acquaintances?. Difficult to measure, although surely the figure is approaching 100%. With the same certainty we can say that the percentage of uptake of advertising stimuli hardly reaches a numeral as above. Then, why not make campaigns that are centered on the mouth which, if it were not enough, they are much cheaper and are much more effective than the traditional ones. The answer is simple: is something new and little known. Word of mouth begins with a good puffy the first step that must have a marketing campaign mouth is to identify our supporters.

What satisfied customers who are willing to be our sales agents? Do we identify them?. Surely Yes. Verify the databases that are in their possession and try to group your customers in categories. If you do not have one (now recommend having it), try to remember or ask their employees are key customers of the company. Then, ask them what are the aspects that they identify to be regular buyers.

Ask them to recommend the product or service to your friends, regalesle something to change. And the friend also. Make your loyal customer to be part of your company, inquire about what would be the aspects that would change in the company. Do not place a notebook so that they write down suggestions, go straight to the point, ask. The client will be so surprised that surely this Act becomes an input of chat with their closest friends. Identify our supporters is only the first step, then we will check which of our fans would be, potentially, a great diffuser of our proposals. You can learn more about the topic downloading my book How to multiply sales through word of mouth?

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