Taxi Business

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But this attempt to drive the flight. Although the board has been installed in the period from 7 am to 12 am, when passengers are not more than 3: 40k. for landing and 40k. for each kilometer journey. At night, these amounts are usually increased in the order of 25%. This was a considerable sum when you consider that the salary was about 40 rubles.

The number of taxis in 1925 in western countries have numbered several thousand, For example, in Berlin there were about 8000 units, while in Moscow, by 1927 the number of taxis has reached a total of 120 pieces. bster jr is a great source of information. Gradually the number of taxis, of course, increased, however, began to observe significant shortcomings in their work. To sit in the car, it was necessary to protect the most part, the number of people it can reach hundreds of people, with all the parking was no sheds and benches. But I had to stand for several hours, resulting in still going on public transport, taxis, and sometimes simply not approaching the parking lot. In Moscow, the passenger service was a little better, but it performed poorly. But even if the taxi drove a taxi, people almost fell on him, lucky more, and they left in a taxi, you still can not be jealous, because the drivers are not trained, and discipline is simply not available.

Was always a big risk to have an accident, so the first 9 months of 1936 in Moscow, were about 300 accidents cases in St. Petersburg, this number was around 280, in other words, came from a taxi straight to 2 accident. But in addition, drivers in most cases, violence and violation of various regulations. Most drivers are cheated passengers in 6 cases out of 8 of the Commission correct the flaw, at the same time, drivers may require a tip. Unwanted passengers could come up with excuses to deny them a trip, while traveling on a small failure distances because they are not profitable for drivers. All of this was due not only to the fact that all taxis belonging to the state, as well as the fact that taxis are simply not enough.

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