The Environment

Posted May 3rd, 2019 by Tony. Comments Off on The Environment.

Relationships with people are the most important when you have a business, you should be aware that your business will grow based on the growth of its clients and therefore constituting the spine when choosing that people will have on your business. Presence: The physical test has to do with the environment, the establishment, furniture, colors and its distribution, stationery. Should you be aware of what has your customer likes, if not known to you will surely judge their service or products based on the visible aspects of their business. In some cases take decisions based on its stimulus such as fragrances, or music. It seems that these details have no major, but can be the difference between that his client become regular or not. Process: The process within any business are very important, since they are directly related to the time: of their customers, their employees, their suppliers. The processes must be increasingly simple and should make them a permanent follow-up to shorten them increasingly: example when people communicate with a call center there are some protocols that allow to detect and solve customer needs quickly. These processes must be documented clearly, should provide training and continuous track in practice. They seem very simple aspects that all people who have a business would have them into account, but really sometimes the most simple is what is forgotten, the invitation is to look inside their business way stopped each of these variables and I am sure will be surprises, but also will be taking a big step towards the improvement of your business.

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