The Existence

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Finally, the culture unissex and the radical feminism that the sexuality of the person separates: already it does not have man and woman; the sex is anatomical data without antropolgica relevance; the body already not speaks of the person, nor of the sexual complementaridade that express to the vocation for the donation of the love. This ideology is if extending in the culture and the laws of Spain and of other countries, with serious consequences for the woman, I marry for it, the family and the education of the children. The problem consolidates where in recent years _ has had a errnea trend to underline strong the condition of subordination of the woman subordination to the man _ to justify thus a plea attitude. The woman, to be same it, if constitutes in antagonist of the man, what of the place to a rivalry between the sexos, what she has its implication more immediate and ominous in the structure of the family. to prevent any supremacy of a sex on another one ' ' is extended to cancel it the differences, considered as simple effect of a conditioning description-cultural' '. To know more about this subject visit Drew Houston. The sex with which if it is born would not have greater importance, because the main one is ' ' gnero' ' feminine masculine or that freely can be chosen, independently of the sex. ' ' gnero' ' it would be a strict cultural dimension. 5 _ DEFINITION AND DISTINCTION OF HISTORY AND HISTORICIDADE.

The term ' ' historicidade' ' it generally indicates the historical character of the existence human being. It seems that history is not possible to define the historicidade without a reference; on the other hand, it is not possible to speak of history without mentioning the historical existence to it of the man. M.Heidegger in being and time, instead of establishing the historicidade from history, says that it is necessary to proceed from diverse way, that is, the conception according to which the man is in history if it deduces of the historicidade while its derivative.

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