Three Names And A Label

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The German label George Gina & Lucy conquers the world market it is hard to imagine, in the incredibly short period of time, the world of accessories Yes changed Nicolas Neuhaus, his wife Nicole Bailly and a mutual friend named Oliver Bruhn revolutionized. Actually wanted to produce textiles the trio, however, started with their company Departmentgreen and a handbag collection. A collection, which saw the light of day under the label George Gina & Lucy. Annual turnover in the double-digit million range, and that a period of 6 years. Age and layers across now also the man and the woman carries her beloved George Gina Lucy handbag through the streets of the world. Proudly carried the bags of Hessian company through the area. The first collection consisted of 1,500 bags and was sold out within a few weeks.

Along with this came that Nicole’s father has ten shops, in which he introduced the trendy bags in the shop window. you paid 50 to 100 euros at that time for a George Gina & Lucy. Also the price increased because of rising demand. The three Founder could quickly ask twice for a bag on eBay. You could read in numerous forums, as prospective buyers desperate for a shop, sought is also a George Gina Lucy handbag to buy. But these efforts were once unsuccessful. No one knew where the label with the snap hook and the embroidery of logo with the three names originated.

And that is still in many way. In this situation disastrous for women men and women from Langenselbold began even to put the most rumors in the world. You could read, that American prisoners sew the bags in their cells. You could read, that Dieter Bohlen to be involved here. The most craziest rumor, which called the Hesse in life, is that Nicole’s aunt LUCY in Los Angeles in a GEORGE should have fell. Again her nothing more than a Pocket full of memories arrived in Germany stayed and watched their imGINAtion (e.g. German fantasy / idea)! Until today, the origin of the name is the Secret of the three founders of George Gina & Lucy. The fact is that much is said. And know better than even no advertising is word of mouth. Even for free! Meanwhile boutiques all over the world make collections by George Gina & Lucy, from the pure nylon bag was quickly also paint and leather collection. Still in limited edition to the market not to sponges. “A model of the current collection best describes the career of Nicolas, Nicole and Oliver: Anything goes”! And because that worked about as excellent: Gimme 5 “.

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