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No need to cry – “Ah! Here it is – the secrets! “Nothing special – a reasonable and sane person going under this scheme goes on these moves yourself, easily and almost automatically. Naturally. Yes, and here – in the end, for the duration of the contract, 20 – 22 000 “uev” spending to pay for progress. By Pei-ki! Believe me, on what to sell on the three “lemon” sausages, cars or anything else, manufacturers spend a lot more. Or check out. I checked – by a lot.

But, hell, they sell! Why sell, they spend (invest) money, time, energy and know-how is at promotion. These guys just tore a tummy with laughter, if they were offered a promotion to bring the whole program (and thus limited) to multilistingu *, which is the main and almost the only action of the majority intermediaries in real estate (commercial anyway). If you read my previous article in this series and other publications on the subject (if not – read), the common thread which shows my negative attitude towards intermediaries, and why. “Yes, I do not like the proletariat!” – As he said in a similar case, a professor of Transfiguration. Uh-huh. I – intermediaries. But not all, but the majority, unfortunately, that behaves accordingly.

For frequent, they have, the presence of duplicity *. Thank God, and among the Realtors (mot else, even an unambiguous writing in Russian is not!) Are found worthy of professionals and people with conscience and competence.

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