Two Product Innovations With Apsolute Printers

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APS alternative printing services at the Interpack 2011 in Dusseldorf Herrenberg, aps 02.03.2011 equal to two product innovations presented alternative printing services at the Interpack 2011 in Dusseldorf: the successor of the apsolute printer and a new print head. The new printhead characterised by compact dimensions and thus particularly suitable for space-saving installation on the production line or in the installation. Also, the print head provides advanced communication features, as well as close a possible misuse by the customer. With the head in full communication enabled, configure themselves, the specialists have developed the most smartest solution on the market for industrial marking. Also the new thermal inkjet printer are apsolute advanced functions, and simplified operation in the foreground. The basis for this is a printer software, which consistently transposes the current requirements of the market and offers even more comfort and security. So, for example, ink type autodetection is one optimum operating and Druckparametrierung safe. Also, the new apsolute offers a drop-precise measurement of the ink.

The customer can always read the current level and help you plan the next cartridge change. Also already broken ink cartridges, which for a time such as the pressure has not been used for small quantities or extra batches can be read and used so easily again in the production. In addition, the new software package was equipped with advanced functions and data transfer capability. In addition to these changes has the new apsolute about the characteristics and standards by the industrial ink jet printers APS characterized: malfunction and maintenance-free device technology can handle water and alcohol-based inks and control unit is suitable for porous and non-porous surfaces, as well as for a wide range of applications up to four print heads on different production lines or printing positions can control at low operating costs, since the printer without Wear parts come out and therefore incurred no repair or maintenance work; only ink is required as resources, so can precisely calculate the cost per print is easy handling thanks to clean cartridge system and parallel to the electronic developments specialists for industrial marking expand the range of ink through the launch of another five inks consistently quick ink changes. For more information about the thermal inkjet technology and where investors can obtain Interpack the news from May 12-18 at aps alternative printing services in Hall 17, stand B 52, or advance in the Internet at. Specialized on aps that company on the industrial marking with inkjet printing is aps with head office in Herrenberg.

The company was founded in the year 2000, integrated since 2008 as a competence centre for thermal inkjet technology in the Domino group, is represented through its own offices and dealers in nearly 40 countries worldwide. With the apsolute printers, aps provides the first widely applicable, maintenance-free Ink jet printer. Both products themselves as well as their primary and secondary packaging can be identified thanks to the wide range of ink.

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