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The prices are not the highest, so it is more convenient for developers or designers from Latin America. Mode: SubastasCosto: charge a % for every project done.Link: The Web of the web this programmer’s wide path for Spanish-speaking developers has a very active freelance jobs Forum.Mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: Una Computrabajo’s best options to find freelance jobs. You have many projects in different categories. There are versions specific to different countries. Mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: market professional surely thought that the number of projects that are on offer are scarce, but the competition isn’t much. Mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: A works Tecno site with quite a few offers freelance, can subscribe to the feed to receive them in our reader. Mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: STRATOS site focused on the development of video games, has a pretty big job board, is also possible to subscribe to the feed of jobs. Mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: Java Hispano a site reference on Java.

There is a forum dedicated to employment. Mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: PC ++ Forum on topics related to technology. Mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: PHP Hispanic Jobs new jobs for PHP Hispanic portal. Mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: ADVA jobs for game developers. Mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: Freelance Colombia mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: Forums of the Web employment mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: Freelancit very good the interface of this site.

Mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: Infolancer from the creators of infojobs, arrives to us infolancer. Today has about 500 active projects mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: Wempleo new site, notices are divided into programmers, designers, layout, copywriters and Marketing. Mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: for designers creative war Freelance.Enlace: work in PHP for PHP programmers as its name implies. Is specifically oriented to the Argentine market.Link: Projects new Freelance site for freelancers, still does not have many projects.Link: Qurro for the moment little projects and charge 4% of each earned budget.

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