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United Nations

Posted July 4th, 2020 by Tony. Comments Off on United Nations.

Today, with a diesel engine searches for water in the subsoil, (aquifer), surface waters, like groundwater, are not sufficient, at least at the time and in the desired location. Increasing the exploitation of aquifers and, thus, introduces a new component in environmental injustice pervasive in the world (and in each country). The criticism of the […]

Infolancer Projects

Posted November 18th, 2016 by Tony. Comments Off on Infolancer Projects.

The prices are not the highest, so it is more convenient for developers or designers from Latin America. Mode: SubastasCosto: charge a % for every project done.Link: The Web of the web this programmer’s wide path for Spanish-speaking developers has a very active freelance jobs Forum.Mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: Una Computrabajo’s best options to find freelance […]