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(Published in the Plausus Verlag Bonn) in a funeral not only all-inclusive burials of all kinds are offered comedy film by Erika k Kapeller, but it comes also to relationship crises, disputes, fraud and even murder attempts. The (un)-heimlich in her boss fell Secretary can’t stand his wife on the death. This in turn has […]

European States

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The centuries-long cultural dominance of Christianity was only reduced the age of enlightenment gradually since. Since the French Revolution resulted in a separation of Church and State in different variants and an ideologically neutral! Rule of law. This protects the individual freedom of belief and religious freedom of association with the universal human rights. … […]

Brian Fesler New

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The new Church in Nashville is the city of Nashville, which is called “Music City” a reflection of the unprecedented growth of the Scientology religion, is the home of country music. The live show “Grand Ole Opry” is sent from Nashville since 1925. It is the oldest surviving radio music program that is transmitted in […]


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Find a church with valuable and interesting art goods art is a theme about it quickly also can fight, because not everything one as great art feels, is perceived by other people as art. So be it but also, because finally the artistic range is a topic in which everyone can be out, as he […]

United Nations

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Today, with a diesel engine searches for water in the subsoil, (aquifer), surface waters, like groundwater, are not sufficient, at least at the time and in the desired location. Increasing the exploitation of aquifers and, thus, introduces a new component in environmental injustice pervasive in the world (and in each country). The criticism of the […]

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Bees make honey and frogs make Quark it is deepest winter, Antonia Christie and her Christiegirls holds but didn’t on the way to her concert to do that. Only stupid, that ends the trip in a snowstorm. Fortunately, you can find shelter at Hotel Paradise. “The hotel has only one room, which already by the […]