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Spanish Association

Posted January 13th, 2021 by Tony. Comments Off on Spanish Association.

REPACAR remembers to us that in these Christmas dates, and especially in the days of Christmas, New Year and Kings, the generation of residues, and especially those of paper and cardboard, increase by the way near the 20, reason why many City councils start up special campaigns of reinforcement of the services of collection of […]

Professor Jose Alfonso

Posted July 26th, 2020 by Tony. Comments Off on Professor Jose Alfonso.

The related law when defining the environment had the care to discriminate if not all the majority of factors that influence, modify and or degrade the environment, demonstrating that the environment is formed by a composition of some factors that they enclose since the area, biological, (involving the ecology), as the physical area, (energy, pollution), […]


Posted August 17th, 2016 by Tony. Comments Off on Pollution.

The pollution of the ground is one of the forms depoluio, that mainly affects the superficial layer of the terrestrial crust, causing curses indirect right-handers or to the life human being, the nature and meioambiente in general. It consists of the improper presence, in the ground, of strange elementosqumicos, of origin human being, that harm […]